Alain Marcelpoil launched his gallery on the 7th June 2006 with an exhibition of a number of creations by the cabinetmaker and interior designer André Sornay. The items exhibited summed up three main characteristics of the latter’s work: attentiveness to geometrical form, elegance and practicality. Purity of line, harmony of proportion and the rational use of space were primordial for Sornay, who combined the use of metal, lacquer and wood.
While promoting André Sornay’s work over the last fifteen years, Alain Marcelpoil has also explored that of other artists Originally an Art Nouveau enthusiast, he turned to Art Deco in the 1980s, encouraged by informed and passionate collectors. Born in Lyon, Alain Marcelpoil took particular interest in twentieth century artists from that region. This lead to his discovery of André Sornay’s modern, innovative and very particular creations. André Sornay’s ‘cloutage’ technique enabled him, for example, to propose unique works of art at modest prices; a clever way of democratising art that evokes the principles adhered to by the UAM (Union of Modern Artists). (U.A.M.).

André Sornay is now recognised as an important and very avant-garde creator, and his work is regularly in the foreground at international events including the following:  the Pavillon des Arts et du Design, as well as at the PAD London, and at the TEFAF in Maastricht and New York … So many prestigious fairs in which Alain Marcelpoil participates, a member of the Compagnie Nationale des Experts (C.N.E.) and of the Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Art (CGPA). He is also an expert on the BRAFA Brussels and the Pavillon des Arts et du Design Paris.